stéphanie kamber

By the age of five Stéphanie already created the first few outfits sewing by hand. She made a definite step forward into the world of fashion in 2001 when she started an apprenticeship at Modeco Zurich; a traditional dressmaker studio.

During her studies it became very apparent that her talents were in design and creativity. To consider client and market needs and to understand the importance of corporate values she deciced to design her diploma collection in co-opertaion with Mykita. After graduating with a diploma in fashion design in 2009 at HTW Berlin, Stéphanie began to follow her passion. She started working as an outerwear and sportswear designer at Grand Studio. This was a great opportunity to learn more about technical garment development and manufacturing process. Since the beginning of 2012 Stéphanie is working for her own company as a consultant for design concepts, material sourcing and development, textil product development and production. Due to her substantial experience in the world of the textil business, she started to share her knowledge in offering workshops to start up brands and accompany them as a mentor to make the first steps in development and production. She believes to create more valuable and justified products in supersaturated world it’s important to share the knowledge and to build up a strong network to have an impact on sustainability and reliability.

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